Here we are: On The Watch Wednesday #2!

Today, we’re going to discuss “What we learn from Jesus about the Hope for the Dead”

This article will be of great use out in the ministry, plus, it gives the girls the chance to learn my favorite scripture, John 5:28,29!

We had a great study – the girls are going to be using Ecclesiastes 9:5 for presenting this month’s magazines, and it’s in the new tract, too!

We’re finishing up the week by playing a game.? I took 66 index cards and wrote the names of the Bible books on them, shuffled them, and had the kids put them in correct order.

After that, I quizzed them:
Who were the minor prophets?
What book tells the story of Adam & Eve?
What book tells the story of Jonah and the Big Fish?
Who wrote the book of Mark?
and so on –

They really enjoyed that!? My next goal is to make up some cards to use for Bible Pictionary!

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