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Ah, today I’m a happy hooker, oh yes I am!

After wiping my tears over yesterday’s hideous poncho fiasco, I searched for a way to make Lemonade outta that lemon… and I did!

I frogged the poncho, (which, btw, is a ROYAL Pain in the Patootee with Symphony yarn), and went to work on a shawl.
BUT I needed to thicken up the yarn a bit, so I went to my stash of ‘wth is this going to be used for’ yarn and grabbed my mint green Softee Baby!
Man, does that look great with the pale blue of the Symphony yarn!!!!
The shape of the shawl is similar to a butterfly or batwing.
I’m kinda winging (no pun intended 😆 ) the pattern, and it’s coming out so lovely! This is the bestest lemonade EVER!

DH took me to HobbyLobby to get some yarn… I picked up what I hope will be enough for 2 toddler sized afghans for my daughters. It’s one of the things I’ll be making for their gifts.

Oh, T has learned the granny square, and is currently working on a lapghan for his father .
He’s so proud, as am I! He was a bit perturbed to learn that he had to frog about 7 rounds due to errors created when he was trying to change colors! 😥
I felt so badly for him, cuz it crushed him, but hopefully he’ll understand that fixing it now to make it ‘perfect’ is a whole lot better than sending it as-is and it fall apart after one washing.

DH said, “You’ll be happy when you visit your Dad in a few years, and still see that ghan on his couch or bed! He wouldn’t be able to do that if it falls apart!!”

Now *I* want to make a granny ghan!
I’ve found a few patterns that I’m going to play with.

your thoughts?