Where have we been??

If you were a regular reader, you’ll notice that it’s been over 4 months since my last post.

Well, there’s a reason – actually, quite a few reasons!

We had our C.O. visit back in March, and that was also the month we volunteered 50 hours in the community!? Whew – it was so enjoyable!? Sometimes, months like that feel as if someone added a few hours to each day!

Also, March opened a new opportunity for my family.? I had been trying to figure out a way to earn some extra money to help with expenses.? I read an article in a magazine back in January about ways to create jobs to work from home.? I was extremely excited to read this, because I knew my prayers were being heard!

I’ve been making soap for the past 7 or 8 years.? Mostly for friends and family.? Mostly for my family, really!? We haven’t purchased commercial soap in, well, at least 8 years!? Whenever I’d give a bar to someone, they’d always come back asking, “Do you sell these?”
I decided, as a way to raise money for our school, to sell bars of handmade soap.? I felt it needed a name, even if it’s just a fundraiser.? Flower Picker said we should call it “Oma’s Favorite!”? Oma is what my children call my mother.? It’s German for Grandmother.? Just like every grandma, she tells all her grandkids that they’re her favorite one!? Just like ever good mama, she always told me that I was her favorite daughter (I am her only daughter, btw) – Anyway, she’s always been a fan of my handmade soaps, so it seemed only appropriate to call the soaps, “Oma’s Favorite”.

What started out as an idea for a fundraiser for our school, turned into a family business.

March was the month we started a handcrafted soap business!

The kids have been helping out with getting soaps labeled and helping with various other products.? We’ve had 3 public shows, and they’ve all helped with that!

I was afraid that this would interfere with school, but it’s actually added a few lessons that I couldn’t have found a curriculum for.? The girls have learned about inventory – how to figure out what’s been sold based on your start and finish count.

So! That’s where we’ve been!? Up to our eyeballs in sweet-smelling soap!

I’ve missed the blog and all my visitors!? I hope to keep the blog updated.

We’re getting ready to hit our first summer school session – and #1 Son will be graduating in December!

Lots to look forward to!

Oh, and this past week, we had brothers & sisters come down from Arkansas to help us in our territory!? It was an awesome week!? We had them over for dinner on Thursday, and it was… paradise!? I cannot believe how truly beautiful it is to spend only a few minutes with 6 complete strangers, and feel deeply connected!

We’re going to be visiting them this summer!!

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I'm a wife and mommy with varied interests. I am self-employed as a Handcrafted Soap Artisan. I home school my two youngest children, who help me save big with coupons! I enjoy crocheting, sewing, woodworking and many other crafts.
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