What does Dyslexia look like?

For a while now, when I watch my DD, I wonder if she may be dyslexic.

I don’t know a whole lot, but I have been reading a few links I found on my friend and sister, Martha’s website, and it looks like she may be.

The thing that really stuck out to me today was, well, the lack of her ability to phonetically sound out words.? She avoids reading at all costs.? I thought it was just a “lack of interest in reading”, which she comes by honestly, (blush).? It was this site that really laid out what to look for, and I think she fits quite a few of these.

She has trouble doing copywork – from a book or from the board.
Her spelling is not quite where it should be.

We had a bit of success with spelling, when we were using the tiles.? But, she can’t spell those same words today with ease.

When listening to a story, she can retell it terrifically!? But if she were to read it herself…

Sigh – I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid or what.? I just know that there is something not quite right.
Could this be dyslexia?? Am I paranoid?? Is it just her being seven?

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