We're Buggin'

I read ahead to the next challenge on the Handbook of Nature Study blog, and it said to choose a topic that we could stick with for 6-8 weeks.
I think, given our fascination with the T-shirt bug, that we’d devote our 6-8 weeks to bugs!

I had made mention of our mystery guest last night to a friend, and she told me that we have a ‘resident entomologist’ in our congregation!! On Sunday, we plan to make a B line for him, and finally find out what our mystery bug is!

Today, we discussed the differences between Crickets and Grasshoppers.? That was interesting. To be truthful, I never knew there was a difference.? I just thought it was like, a regional thing.? For example, that fizzy beverage that you drink, that “adds life” or is “the real thing”, in Louisiana – it’s called Coke.? But so is Sprite, 7-up, Sunkist, or any carbonated beverage. 😉

I will begin reading “The Insect Folk” tomorrow. There is a section in it about Crickets & Grasshoppers, so I thought we’d start there.

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