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We are learning World History this year. I put together a curriculum using a Bible Encyclopedia and the internet.
Our curriculum will include:

  • Egypt
  • Assyria
  • Babylon
  • Medo-Persia
  • Greece
  • Rome
  • England
  • America

It may not be a traditional approach, but it’s not unfamiliar to me. Number One Son studied World History the same way!

This?week takes us to Ancient Egypt.


We learned that this was the first world power, and that the Egyptians had over 700 gods!!
I’m doing good to keep up with the names of my three kids!! I’ll stick with One God. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ten Plagues on Egypt

We all got a kick out of our research on the 10 plagues.

Each plague was directed at ten of the Egyptian gods.

1) Water turned to blood: Nile-god Hapi
2) Frogs: Frog-goddess Heqt
3) Gnats: Thoth, lord of magic
4) Gadflies: Ptah, creator of the universe
5)?Pestilence on livestock: cow-goddess Hathor; Apis the bull
6) Boils: Healer deities Thoth, Isis and Ptah
7)?Thunder and Hail: Reshpu, controller of lightning; Thoth, god of rain and thunder
8)?Locusts: fertility-god Min, protector of crops
9)?Darkness: Ra, the sun-god and Horus, a solar god
10)?Death of firstborn:?The last plague,?was especially humiliating to the Egyptians.
They viewed the Pharaoh as a god incarnate. Therefore, the son of a Pharaoh was also considered a god.
The final plague, in essence, resulted in the death of a god.


We discussed the housing, transportation, and a bit about their religious beliefs. A lot of it centered around animals.
We learned that of all the pharaohs that ruled in Egypt, only a few were actually mentioned by?name?in the scriptures!
The girls?took turns looking them up in the Bible.
We went over the reason the Egyptians mummified their dead.
I didn’t want to spend too much time on this because so much of what the Egyptians believed go against the Bible and what it

The girls then began constructing their lapbooks.


We got our pictures from some World History textbooks. There were plenty to go around!!
Their eyes lit up when?they saw a picture of Queen Nefertiti. Not because they love her…
but because they recognized her name from the?Dinosaurs on a Spaceship episode of Doctor Who!



Yep, we’re Whovians!!





Nan and her lapbook: Front, Middle and Flap lifted
Nan Egypt? ?10 plagues??2013-08-27 16.19.39










Flossie and her lapbook: Front, Middle and Flap lifted.

Egypt? ?2013-08-27 16.17.19????Flossie Egypt3

I think I’d forgotten how much they enjoy lapbooking! I think it’s safe to say we will be doing it every chance we get.

Next, we will learn about Assyria, the cruel nation that ruled after Egypt.


your thoughts?