Volcanus Eruptus

Yeah, it’s not really latin, but it sounded good to me!

I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth, honest! This has been QUITE a hectic week. We took this week off from school, but I’m posting photos of our Volcano week experiments!

Here’s the Mentos and Diet Pepsi experiment:

Volcano Day - Mentos & Diet Soda Volcano Day - Mentos & Diet Soda

And we created our own Volcano, using a flour & salt dough recipe.

Volcano Day - building mount JERT Volcano Day - building mount JERT

We named our volcano Mount JERT (the name is each of our initials). The magma chamber is a plastic Dixie-type cup. We added cocoa powder and rice to the mixture for color and texture. The ‘lava’ is made with water, red Kool-aid, and baking soda.

We identified our volcano as a shield volcano and measured it at 400 feet above sea level – not actual size 😉

Then, it was eruption time!!!

Volcano Day - mount JERT eruption Volcano Day - mount JERT eruption Volcano Day - mount JERT eruption

Yeah, I know – our lava was pink. I didn’t put in enough Kool-aide for a strong red color. We erupted the volcano three times, and it now sits atop the freezer, awaiting it’s next eruption!

Even though we didn’t get to put together our lapbooks yet, we have LOTS of photos and memories of an awesome science week!

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