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Putting it all together

Well, a new year is lurking on the horizon, and I’m in the middle of getting curriculum 2011 underway. This year feels different already, given the fact that it’s the first time in 4 years that I’m only creating curriculum … Continue reading

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Is it really art?

For the month of December, I decided to allow the kids to do ‘Paint by Numbers’. They each chose their own picture to do, and were really excited to start. My son ended up painting TWO because he enjoyed it … Continue reading

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"High Five" from a Public School Teacher

I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this before, but here it is now. One day, during the summer break, the girls and I were in the “Mommy Store” – aka The Dollar Tree.? I love this store!!!? I have purchased … Continue reading

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I’ve found the findiest find that could ever be found! To fall right along with our Nature Study, I’ve found these great, well, curriculum pieces!? It’s at learningpage.com, and under the heading of Theme Sheets. You have to have a … Continue reading

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Getting things ready…

It’s the mid-point of our summer vacation. It’s too hot to think! I’m trying to remind myself to post some of our ‘not-using-after-all’ curriculum/books on Ebay. I’m ordering this for the girls’ math.? This looks like so much fun, and … Continue reading

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The coolest idea ever!!

Loitering online -that’s what I call “surfing”.? Surfing requires some sort of skill or strategy – loitering is clearly just hangin out somewhere with no real purpose, and that’s how I internet. Anyway, as I was loitering, I stumbled onto … Continue reading

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