Square #3 is done!

Wowee wowee! I’ve finished number 3!!!

Square Number 3
This is supposed to be for my stepson. I was aiming to make it more masculine. Did I deliver? 😉
Oh, if it looks discolored in places, it’s because the square is wet.

This square started out with a pattern, but at round 8, I got confused, (hint: this happens often with me and squares, so don’t be surprised if you read that statement alot!), so I winged it.
I did a round of DC, and then started w/ granny squares to finish. I really like how it turned out.

I’m going to start on number 4, but I need to work on my decoy items, because I think J is becoming suspicious.

Oh, and the comfortghan is complete!!! I weaved the ends and added the edging last night:
I’ll be sending it on its merry way next week. It’s going to the Netherlands. Wonder how long that takes!

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