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Well, a new year is lurking on the horizon, and I’m in the middle of getting curriculum 2011 underway.

This year feels different already, given the fact that it’s the first time in 4 years that I’m only creating curriculum for two. *Sniff*

#1 son is now graduated, working, and a full-time volunteer minister! *sniff again* Time just flew by…

But I digress. On to this year’s curriculum.

There will be some old familiar faces rejoining us, and some that are brand spanking new!

First, I wanted to share something that was brought to my attention this past spring. For all intents and purposes, I’m an unschooler! I didn’t know that! I thought ‘eclectic’, sure, but an unschooler? Me?!

It was such a freeing term to hear! Since I began working full-time ish, I was feeling like I couldn’t continue homeschooling. And that scared me! I was incorporating school into the business I’m running. The girls loved it, but I still felt like this wasn’t really school. Again, me?! Really?!!

A wonderfully sweet man, who’s an unschooling, work-at-home dad, explained to me, in no uncertain terms, that what I’d been doing is pretty much unschooling! Wow.

So’s anyway, I just wanted to share that.

We will have a 4-day school week, even though our ‘unschooling’ portions carry over the weekend. One day a week is set aside for volunteer service.

Bible Study: We do a combination of Daily Scriptures (as copywork), and then read a bible-based article or bible story, and notebook what we discussed.

Nature Study: Barbara has done such an awesome job with the Handbook of Nature Study blog, that we can’t not continue using it.

Art: We are also continuing the Sketch Tuesday, which is also hosted by Barbara. The girls eagerly look forward to the weekly sketches!

Math: We’re going to start Your Business again. Last year, I kinda dropped the ball with this one, and we shifted mid-stream to MEP. While I loved both maths, I felt that the girls weren’t quite ready for Your Business curriculum as-is. There will still be some tweaking, so that we can get the most out of it.

Geography: We’re taking a trip around the world! Well, virtually, anyway. I’m making up plane tickets and passports and everything! The girls have chosen the countries they wish to visit, and I’m the travel agent! I looked at? a few ready-made things for this but I’m just not an out-of-the-box kinda girl, so I’m piecing things together. We’ll be notebooking our travels.? Because this will be covered daily, I’m incorporating our Musician and Artist study with it.

Grammar & Spelling: I’m digging out our old McGuffey readers! I missed them last year! I just purchased a copy of Simply Grammar, but? it hasn’t arrived yet. We were using Growing with Grammar, and while I still like it, I think the workbooks are too easy! Nan and Flossie both seem to fly through the lessons. This one may need to be adjusted again.

Literature: We’ll be continuing Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children as our read aloud for the first half of the year. Independent reading for the latter part. We purchased each of the girls a Kindle. They didn’t enjoy reading books that I had printed off the computer, and since most of the reading material we use are available for free electronically, this was a perfect fit!

Life Skills: Mary Frances to the rescue! We’ve enjoyed the books so far, and I see no reason to stop. We finished the cook book last year, and started the knitting and crochet book. The girls already know how to crochet, and since the doll patterns that are included won’t fit their dolls, they quickly lost interest. This year, we’ll be reading, “The Mary Frances Sewing Book.

American History: I’ve ordered “America: The Story of Us” DVD set AND book (the book was free, just pay shipping) and downloaded the lesson plans! Once our Geography tour gets us back to the United States, that where we start American History.? I just found this post at Journey to Excellence!! This is so awesome! She has done a fantabulous job of helping anyone, ahem, me, put together a wonderful American History lesson plan. This will more than likely be our history for next year, but I like having an ace-in-the-hole!

Science: I’m still working on this one. Flossie has shown extreme interest in learning all about the human body. I’m creating a curriculum for this one – a combination of Notebooking and Lapbooking… Napbooking? Lopebooking? No-lapbooking? ROFL – that’s kinda fun!!



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  1. Sounds like a good plan. Some days I feel like an unschooler, but I think I am more Classical in my approach the majority of the time. It overlaps though. Thanks for stopping by my Weekly Wrap Up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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