Proud Mommy moment!

My daughter gave her first talk on the day she turned 6!

She was so nervous, and practically ate the microphone, but she
didn’t miss a beat with her part!
Just wanted to share.

E?s first talk!

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I'm a wife and mommy with varied interests. I am self-employed as a Handcrafted Soap Artisan. I home school my two youngest children, who help me save big with coupons! I enjoy crocheting, sewing, woodworking and many other crafts.
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4 Responses to Proud Mommy moment!

  1. Martha P says:

    Yippeee! There are my comments. Glad you figured it out. I’m here and reading.

  2. Jerry Ann Gaines says:

    I am so proud of her and I dont’ even know her ! At 6 years old, out of the mouths of babes,as that scripture goes! (smile)

  3. amy says:

    Hi Sis, Don’t know you but I’m proud! So Glad when I see us doing well! I homeschool as well, in MI.

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