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As you can see by the “My Hat” progress bar, I finally started!
Well, kinda yay… I started the Funky hat pattern w/ homespun… I don’t think I like Homespun (here on in, “HS”). It’s too… I dunno, slippery. 😮
I thought it was equivalent to Light & Lofty (here on in, “L&L”), but after working w/ L&L for a bit, I think a key difference is that while L&L is fluffy, it’s not slippery. I know there is a brand that makes a version of HB, but it escapes me at the moment.

So, I put it down – didn’t frog it like I usually do. I picked up some of my surplus RH burgandy, (I was going to make a Harry Potter afghan for T, but realized that burgandy wasn’t the right color! Grr),
and started working on a skully cap for ME! I’m almost done and plan to add a flower, just like I did for my girlies! 😀

Not sure how it’ll look, or if it’ll fit, but I have told myself to work through this! I am tired of wimping out on making things for ME!
I distract easily – today, I searched for more inspiration for CPK clothes! Yeah, I really did – even printed out pictures of outfits!

Will I ever make all that I printed out today – I don’t know. I want to. But, I want to, more importantly, stop punishing myself by not making something for ME!!! 🙁

Ok – mild vent – sorry!

Now – if the skully cap turns out alright – I’m going to attempt the Funky hat again, w/ a different yarn, but I still won’t frog the HS one.

Stay tuned…

your thoughts?