On the Watch Wednesday!

Today’s ‘On The Watch Wednesday’ had us reading an article in the February ’09 issue of The Watchtower.

It was about King Josiah.? While we were reading it today, I kept feeling like this was an old article!? The kids thought I was nuts (of course), and I would stop and ask, “Are you sure this is new?”? Anyway, come to find out, I had read the article last month, when I first got the magazine.

Oh, and some rather great news.? We had our Special Day this past weekend, and we have 3 newly baptized ones in our congregation! (yay!)

AND… my Bible study was announced last night as an Unbaptized Publisher!

AND… my 7 year-old is waiting to talk with the elders about becoming an Unbaptized Publisher, too!

Yay!!! It’s been a great week here! 😉

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