Kinda bummed out today…

:hand: Warning – this may be a huge whine fest, so no one under 21, ok 😉

Anyway, you know how when you get used to doing something regularly, that when you, for what ever reason, can’t do it, you’ re just not right? Well, we usually attend worship services, or have a Bible study 4 times per week. I’m used to it. I enjoy it… I need it (no, I’m not sinning regularly or anything – it just gives me that spiritual lifting to get me through day-to-day life!):razz:

Anyway, since we had bad weather this week, we were unable to have 2 of them. Two days in a row! OK, to add insult to injury, my daughters and I are sick with colds! So, I had to miss another meeting!
We had a bible study here, but it was so not the same! I miss interacting with the rest of the congregation. That almost ‘high’ I get after each meeting is what I long for!

I’m sick and miserable. 😥

I’m eagerly awaiting Sunday – I have to go! I absolutely have to! I can’t take another week like this one – it seemed to drag on forever!

Ok, I think my whine is done – pass the cheese, please!

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