Keepin' it fresh!

So, I started my third pair of socks Thursday!
For two reasons:

    1) New Yarn – I got some Patons Kroy Sox yarn through a friend, who picked them up for me on sale for $2.49 at Michaels!

    2) I wanted to make DH a pair.

    3) I was getting a bit frustrated with the sock I was making with the Toe-Futsies yarn I paid $18 for! (tear…) 😥

    Hmm – ok, that was three reasons!
    I was reading on another blog about single sock syndrome. I have always had single glove syndrome – then I discovered fingerless gloves (let me hear ya say “Yeah!”)
    I think I may have even had single pattern syndrome – where you just can’t bring yourself to make ANOTHER whatever using the same pattern you used last time!
    ~ Anyway – the cure, for me, of single-sock syndrome, is to change yarns!
    The 3 pairs I’ve started (only have one pair completed, one sock of a second pair, and 1.5 socks of the third), are all made from different yarns. Even though they are all sock yarns, they feel differently in my hands. The Kroy Sox socks are practically crocheting themselves!
    They feel like buttah in my hands!
    Oh, such a dream!
    Anyway – I will finish the other pair of socks just in time for my new shipment of KnitPicks sock yarn (Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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