It's making a weird noise when I …


You know, when your car starts making a noise that you can’t identify with a word – you actually have to sound it out… yanno, like, “It’s making a “Swigga Swigga Clink Clink” noise when I turn the blinker on.”

Well, it seems that the day after I posted about dyslexia being a possibility in my daughter, she turned around and read 3 books!? She read them aloud, to all who would listen, and she read them… perfectly! I’m excited… and a bit embarrassed, too.
I guess there was something in her that just clicked! and she gets it now…

I’m very proud of her.? In the past few days, she’s read 5 books, with plans lined up for the next 4 books!

I’ve had her start posting her book reports (which are just simply “I liked it/I didn’t like it”), but she’s super excited about being able to post those.

I’m still keeping my eye out, but for now, I’m breathing a bit easier.

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