It's done! Yippee

I’ve finished the shawl for my wrong number friend, Ms. Pauline.
(Y’all from the south will understand that we call older people ‘Miss’ or ‘Mister’ firstname. I don’t understand it, and don’t like that my stepkids call me that, but I can’t get them to stop!)

Anyway, it came out beautifully!

I was afraid it may not be too warm, but I got warm with it on my lap while I was making it. Do y’all think it’s not warm enough?

I finished it up last night and then whipped up a hat for my oldest DD.
I used a granny square hat pattern, and added a shell edging. She asked for it to be yellow, and I attached a turquoise flower to the side.

I’ll be making one for my youngest daughter now. Whatever the older one has, the younger has to have, too!
Hers will be orange with a brite yellow flower on the side.

Project 6year is going to be a huge hit! I am too excited! 😀 I hope to start the first of twelve 12″ squares this week. If I can manage a square a week, I’ll be finished by July, and have tons of time to put it all together. 😉
I will keep you updated!

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