I don't care what they say…

I just *love* this bag!!!!!!
It’s KNIT! Knit… knit – and I don’t knit. :think:

But I can convert it!
Well, there aren’t any crochet patterns like this already (which I find extremely unfair, btw! What’s wrong with crochet, eh?)

I love a challenge. Oh yes, I love a challenge! 😀


I love using charts with crochet (I think it’s called charting 😉 )

so… I’m going to attempt this!
The big question is… WHEN?
I have a few things that I really should make:

hats & mittens – winter will be on time again this year…

scarves – fall is here, and already something’s nipping at my neck early in the morning

I did whip up a pair of slippers for myself! :yay:
I used Abi’s Slipper pattern, but altered it a bit. I was going to use wool & felt them, but I was too afraid to. So, I just used wool-ease instead.
According to her pattern, the slipper fits a size 8, which I’m NOT – I’m from the big foot family. 😳
Anyway, I added rows to compensate for my sasquatch feet, and decided to keep going, so that my whole instep would be covered.
My goodness, what a difference it made!
My whole foot stays toasty warm! I added a row of single crochet across the top (where my foot goes in), and hopefully, it’ll help hold its shape.

Oh, and I had some free time (watching movies with the family) – and I cranked out 3 skinny scarves!

They’re for E and two girls (8 & 9 yo sisters) in our congregation!
I know E loves hers, and is dying to give the other girls theirs! I was trying to start one for my youngest, but she waited until I had chained about 100 before she reminded me that she did NOT want her scarf to be that color! :hair:
SO, while trying to locate the perfect color for Princess R’s scarf, I started one for a friend of mine.
I’m not using a pattern, since I was looking for something to make that I didn’t really have to think about.

It’s working up pretty nicely. I’m using a strand of Yarn Bee Playful and Yarn Bee Frosting together. Will post a pic when ready 😉

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