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All year, #1 Son has been studying World History, through the Prophecy of Daniel.
A sweet sister sent us a larger than life poster of the Immense Image described in the Bible.


From that, and several articles in the publications, and a little help from secular sources, he has put together a series of lapbooks that are quite impressive!

There are many, many photos of the inside of each lapbook, so if you can’t view the sideshow, I’ve got them uploaded here.

I was afraid #1 Son would totally hate the idea of doing his World History this way, but I was wrong!? He’s learned so much, and has not asked for the least bit help in putting together his lapbooks!

His creativity is oozing through these pages, and I just love what he’s done!

Once he finishes, (he’s currently working on the League of Nations/United Nations portion), he will start the study of World Religions, using Mankind’s Search for God.? I don’t think he’ll be lapbooking that, but I’m sure whatever he chooses to do, we will all be in for a treat!

3 thoughts on “History of the World – in Scripture!

  1. Oh, I love it. He did such a great job!!! Hubby saw it too and he liked the work. I’m excited for you and for him and his wonderful creativitiy. Thanks for sharing.


  2. That look so cool! I wish I could get into projects like that more. They seem to end up just being a lot of work for ME instead of the kids. Perhaps when they’re older it’ll work better.

    Fabulous Job!!!

  3. This looks absolutely wonderful. You will have to help me out with the Daniel thing. I am completely amazed by you and “the sweet sister’s ” ability to create curriculum. Wishing you coninued success.

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