History of the World – in Scripture!

All year, #1 Son has been studying World History, through the Prophecy of Daniel.
A sweet sister sent us a larger than life poster of the Immense Image described in the Bible.


From that, and several articles in the publications, and a little help from secular sources, he has put together a series of lapbooks that are quite impressive!

There are many, many photos of the inside of each lapbook, so if you can’t view the sideshow, I’ve got them uploaded here.

I was afraid #1 Son would totally hate the idea of doing his World History this way, but I was wrong!? He’s learned so much, and has not asked for the least bit help in putting together his lapbooks!

His creativity is oozing through these pages, and I just love what he’s done!

Once he finishes, (he’s currently working on the League of Nations/United Nations portion), he will start the study of World Religions, using Mankind’s Search for God.? I don’t think he’ll be lapbooking that, but I’m sure whatever he chooses to do, we will all be in for a treat!

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3 Responses to History of the World – in Scripture!

  1. live4evermom says:

    Oh, I love it. He did such a great job!!! Hubby saw it too and he liked the work. I’m excited for you and for him and his wonderful creativitiy. Thanks for sharing.


  2. That look so cool! I wish I could get into projects like that more. They seem to end up just being a lot of work for ME instead of the kids. Perhaps when they’re older it’ll work better.

    Fabulous Job!!!

  3. Berta says:

    This looks absolutely wonderful. You will have to help me out with the Daniel thing. I am completely amazed by you and “the sweet sister’s ” ability to create curriculum. Wishing you coninued success.

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