Her-story… His-tory

Since the beginning of the month, we’ve been learning about The American Revolution.

I started looking at the Charlotte Mason method of teaching for ideas, mainly because I was not finding any enjoyable lesson plans for teaching American History without being doused in patriotism.? I realized that most of CM is about learning through reading.

So, I quickly ran to my favorite resource locale (aka, the library), and with the help of my favorite Librarian, Jo Ellen, I got some great reader books about the American Revolution.? I read a few, and the girls read a few on their own.? I even got the American Girl cookbook and an American Girl crafts book so we could make items like they did during that time period.

What we decided to make was a fan.? You know like the fancy ladies carried.
The instructions were in the craft book.

We are also going to make stenciled note cards.? I am a part-time scrapbooker, and was recently gifted with more stencils than I’ll ever know what to do with, so this project is perfect.? The book, If I lived at the time of the American Revolution, is filled with games, recipes, and crafts from that time.


Great ideas in there!

I also decided we’d try making bread.? Now, I have a bread machine, and we’ve made bread in it before, but I wanted to try it “the old fashioned way”.

I’m a bit apprehensive, but excited, and since it’s a school assignment, I’m going in with an open mind.? I found a cool looking recipe.? Seems way simpler than I thought it’d be, so I’m game!!

So, this week is when we start our crafts and breadmaking project.

I will be sure to post pictures!

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  1. Have you looked at http://www.simplycharlottemason.com? They have a ‘bookfinder’ feature that you might find useful for finding good cm literature on whatever subject you’re looking for. You can categorize it by grade level too.

  2. live4evermom says:

    We enjoy those If I lived… books. Can’t wait to see some more on this topic.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks so much for the link to Simply Charlotte Mason!
    I have a tab open to that site all the time now!
    I’ve gotten SO many ideas from there…

    I’m so amazed that such a site exists.
    I can’t thank you enough for sharing that link!!!!

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