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I finished the hat I was making for my youngest daughter, only to learn that it’s too big, so it’s been gifted to my oldest daughter.

I love the flower! It’s the free pattern from Lion Brand. Super easy to make, although construction takes a bit of concentration (at least for me, it did)

E's new hat
I’m still working on my shawl. I had to frog the first one, cuz I couldn’t memorize the repeated pattern. I opted for my staple shawl pattern – it hasn’t failed me yet! It’s ridiculously simple to remember, and it works up so wonderfully.

To share something a bit off-topic:

I was able to get some sewing done yesterday! Yeah, I am pretty sure my sewing machine didn’t recognize me at first – it’s been that long!

Anyway, I made a dress for E (still needs a zipper)- I’ll post a pic when it’s finished!
and a fleece coat/jacket for R
New Jacket
I used Malden Mills fleece, so it should hold up pretty good! She really seems to like it, so… bring on the cold!!!!!!!

Oh, and of course, now I’ll be crocheting a hat, scarf and mitten set to coordinate! 😉

your thoughts?