Green Hour… gone MAD!

I haven’t posted in a few weeks, and that’s mainly due to the fact that we’ve been super busy!

We (DS and I) signed up to do 50 hours of volunteer work this month, which has been amazing! We’ve met some really nice people! Besides that – DH has been on bedrest for 2 weeks, following retina reattachment & cataract surgery.

Since spring has Sprung – we’ve spent lots of time out in the garden, too! Here’s where our green hour went bezerk! I think we’ve had about a month’s worth of green hours in the past week!

I’ll be posting photos of our yard projects, as well as our first spring field trip – to a plant nursery!!!!!!!

I must say, the Claritin and I have become the best of friends lately, too!

Here’s a cute cartoon that was sent to me, and I wanted to share:

Tract Work ad

You just can’t pay for this type of advertising!!!

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