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Well, I have decided to try this knitting thing YET again!

*sigh*? Don’t say it!? I know, I KNOW!? I’ve gone over it 1,000 times in my head, but here’s the thing… (insert violin music, please!)

I found a really cute tank top pattern for my girls, and, well, it only requires the few teeny stitches I know how to do.? I mean, yes, I could so fall flat on my face, AGAIN, but …

Eh – that isn’t even convincing me.? I just wanna give it another try.? Maybe because the weather wasn’t as warm as it was today, and because of the fact that I hadn’t cut my hair that week, yeah – and, and…

I’ll post my progress.

2 thoughts on “Glutton for punishment!

  1. Hi,
    I was led to your site by my crochet group Happy Hookers @yahoogroups.com for your beautiful felted bag as their pattern of the day. I love with your pictures of the crocheted food. My husband wants me to make him some for his desk at school (he’s a teacher). Did you create the patterns yourself or get them out of a book. Would you please let me know so that I can make some for my husband. Thank you!!

  2. Hi! I finally got the “knitting thing” about a week ago. I’m pretty happy with the results. I know I’ll always love crochet first, but I do like having the skills and options!

    Crossing fingers for you…

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