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It’s the mid-point of our summer vacation.
It’s too hot to think!

I’m trying to remind myself to post some of our ‘not-using-after-all’ curriculum/books on Ebay.

I’m ordering this for the girls’ math.? This looks like so much fun, and since they love to play ‘store’, this should be right up their alley.

I’ll be using All About Spelling for Flower Picker this year.? That’s an area we need to work extra hard on.

I’m planning to use some Charlotte Mason-type options.? I’m getting tons of ideas from SimplyCharlotteMason.com and AmblesideOnline.org

Face is my reader, and she’s chosen “Charlotte’s Web” as her free reading for 2nd grade.
Flower Picker is my artist.? Because I want to encourage her artistic side, we will be learning about Painters, Composers and Poets.
I really like how we can look at famous paintings, and then, instead of trying to figure out what the artist was trying to convey, we are allowed to express how we feel when we look at it.? And, I will give her opportunities to recreate the famous paintings from her own perspective.

Nature Study will again be apart of our curriculum.? I’m going to make a point of getting outside at least 4 times per week.? Since we go out in Service on Friday, I’m hoping we’ll be able to get walking territory as the weather gets more comfortable.

Since Face is doing well on her spelling, I will continue using the McGuffey Speller with her, combined with Spelling City, to reinforce.? She enjoys the site.? She also loves… loves… loves Grammar.? We’re using Growing with Grammar.? I purchased the 3rd grade book for Flower Picker.? She enjoys grammar as well, just not as much as Face. 🙂

Of course, we’ll still have our Bible study, which I’m now referring to as…
Theocratic Studies (thanks, Sis. Biscuit!)? I love the sound, and it is less confusing, since we have our Congregation Bible Study, and we conduct Personal In-Home Bible Studies… so it makes it hard to differentiate.
We’ve enjoyed using the back page in the Awake! magazine for studies, and we’ll continue that, plus the articles inside that are geared for young ones. (Yeah, F & DS!!)

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle History just yet.? I’m still looking at the aforementioned sites for ideas.

Anyone have ideas for teaching 2 & 3 grade History and/or Science?

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  1. Sounds like you’ve got a great plan. I have referred to Ambleside’s schedule for ideas, but it’s a bit restrictive for me. I just pick and choose. Right now we’re studying Frieda Khalo, a depressing artist really.

    Have you ever contributed to the CM carnival?
    Consider doing so! You’ve got some good things to share.

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