For your dining pleasure…

After completing the ‘whatchamacallit’ yesterday, I decided to give it another whack and see if my taste testers still agreed to call it something it wasn’t!

Well, the 2nd try was identifiable immediately, so that makes me happy! 🙂

So, whatcha think?


Well, it’s WIP Wednesday, and I have only one thing on my hook – the Auntie J shawl! :crochet:
That’s it!
Hmm… :think:

I think I may have to make another halter!
One of my testers is using cotton ease to test her halter. The pattern calls for Simply Soft, which is acrylic, but I figured it was thin and soft enough not to be an issue with heat. 😕
But – I’m anxious to see how it works up in cotton ease.
I have some cotton tots yarn… maybe I’ll test that, too!

I want to start on my ghan projects, but I still haven’t recieved the yarn-a-palooza box yet, so I’m trying to be patient… whatever that means! :rofl:

Oh!!! I just got a pattern for a shrug! I may give that a whirl.
I’d been eyeballing it for a few days, but it wasn’t available until yesterday, or maybe the day before.

At any rate… I tried to talk myself out of it, because everytime I set out to make something for myself, I find a ton of other projects to do instead.

Ah, and one more thing!
In case you didn’t notice, I have created a crocheting smiley!

It irked me that all the fiber-type smilies out there, except ONE, were knitting! :pissed:

So – I present Mr. & Mrs. Crochet Smiley!
:-L Lefty
You may copy them to your server ONLY for use on blogs or forums, but they’re NOT to be included in any smiley collection without my permission.
Thanks & Enjoy!

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I'm a wife and mommy with varied interests. I am self-employed as a Handcrafted Soap Artisan. I home school my two youngest children, who help me save big with coupons! I enjoy crocheting, sewing, woodworking and many other crafts.
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