Following Up

So, as a follow up from yesterday’s post, I have photos!

Of course, I missed the baby lizard and the cricket wearing a shirt, but I did get some shots of the strange mud buildings.

Mud Structure 1 Mud Huts Mud on the side of the ditch

and our strange looking watermelon:

Cucamelon! Cucamelon 2

Now, if any of these “sightings” are, well, what any self-respecting Southerner should be able to identify with their eyes closed, don’t tell me!

I’m a Southerner, by fact of being born in Florida, and living mostly in Louisiana, BUT my mother is a yankee, and I grew up all around the world, so I don’t have a flair for many seemingly Southern things.

I couldn’t tell you what hunting season it is, or what’s biting at the pond this time of year, either.? But I digress – I know the mud huts are commonplace ’round these parts – I’ve just never questioned how they got here… until now.

So, if you can help identify them, we’d be so grateful!

We await with baited breath. 🙂

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