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So, I decided to peruse an old Crochet World magazine that’s been collecting dust in my pattern stash.

I haven’t read the pattern yet, but it’s from October 1987. I really like the girl’s Vest on the front cover. It looks to be made side-to-side, with a ribbing waistband added afterward.

Now, as a member of the gargantuan-feet-on-women society, it’s very frustrating trying to find a sock pattern now that are designed to cover these clodhoppers. As I continued leafing through the magazine, I found an argyle sock pattern!
One – it’s an ARGYLE crocheted sock, made with sock yarn, to fit into a shoe, AND – it’s made in a Ladies size 9/10!
And there’s also a pattern for a Cables Vest for women. It’s made with the finished bust width of 44″ – That’s my size!

Wowee Wow – were women bigger in the ’80s than they are now? Don’t answer that!
Why are the patterns now-a-days made for smaller women? I’m not speaking generally, but a large number of patterns are catered to smaller women.

your thoughts?