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Well, this is our in-between week. We’re slowly starting this week, since Daddy went back to work this week. But, we have our annual convention this weekend, so we’ll be taking a break due to that.

Today, the girls and I discussed what to expect for the year. They’re really looking forward to both World Geography and Science! Yay!

I was still struggling with Science, but I finally decided on 106 Days of Creation, from Simply Charlotte Mason.? I downloaded a sample a few years ago, and tried to put my own version together, but I was still new at doing my own lesson plans, so it wasn’t as great as it could have been (don’t tell them, okay?)

So, this week, we’re starting our Examining the Scriptures Daily routine (read, copywork, discussion), and I’ve added one more part – they now are writing a brief something about how they can apply the scriptural counsel this day.? Pray. Read. Meditate. Apply. Basic fundamentals of a relationship with Our Heavenly Father. ;0)

Going on the advice of Nicole at Journey to Excellence, when planning her America Story of US curriculum, I’ll plan our World Geography ‘journey’ 3 weeks at a time.? That seemed strange to me when I read her post.? Now, I’m running around the Internet like a crazy woman trying to hunt down recipes for Mexican foods – which we won’t be studying until the end of the year!

Why should I work myself up?!!

I’ve also found myself ogling other homeschool blogs… pouring over what they’re doing for curriculum. I think I do this annually now. It’s an addiction, really. (blush)
I just love that there is so much out there… but I get scared that there’s so much out there. But searching this way helps me keep my “Frankenstein” curriculum fresh.

your thoughts?