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It’s been crazy busy around here!

I’m Pioneering again this month, so school is light, yet again.

The year is pretty much over, minus #1 son’s finals.

He’s going to do “Weather in the Scriptures” as his Physical Science final.

He’ll be doing a Mankind’s Search for God exam created by a friend, as his History final.

I am so happy with how this school year went.? I have great plans for next year!

Our garden is growing slowly.? It’s really strange how things are going – I just brought in 2 banana peppers, which were planted as transplant back in March.? I also transplanted green peppers, jalapeno peppers, red peppers and tomatoes…? yet they aren’t doing anything.

I also planted snow peas from seed, and they’ve gone NUTS!? The plant is very tall!? It’s a vining plant, and I’m going horizontal with it (yeah!).? It’s already producing peas!? I’m hoping to bring it a few for tomorrow night’s Chinese dinner!

I also, get to announce… (drum roll, please) the drip irrigation system is working!!!? I mulched the whole garden with hay (sigh), which prevents the irrigation system to stop washing away the dirt around the plants.

I sigh with the hay because it’s full of seeds!? I’m mulching deep, in an effort to keep the seeds from seeing the light of day!

I’ve also got the flower garden coming along.? I will take pictures soon!

I have made the first of 9 outfits for the convention!? A wonderful sister sent me some wonderful fabric that I’m using for our convention clothes!

tank crochet

Crocheted Sundress Top

One thought on “Checking in!

  1. Oh wow, you have been extra busy this past month. Loved reading all you did. Our garden is growing big too but our tomatoes are not ready yet but I know as soon as one is they will all be ready at the same time. hehe

    Glad to hear about your irrigation system. YEAH!!!! Good for you.


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