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We're back, and raring to go!

Well, we sort’ve fell off the face of the earth for a while, but we’re back now! We took a trip to Lake Chicot State Park in Lake Village, AR. It was a nice trip! We had car trouble while … Continue reading

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Sickness, Sewing and Super 70s!

What do these three things have in common? Well, the whole crew has been sick for the past two weeks.? Sometimes only one or two, never all at the same time – we took turns. So, we didn’t get much … Continue reading

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Oh, what we've been doing!

Last week, we had a great time! We kicked off our Homeschool PE – we did curl-ups.? We had to see how many we could do in one minute.? Can I just say, doing curl-ups makes you wonder if a … Continue reading

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Bread Photos

Ok, so in my last post, I said I would post a pic of our Pumpkin bread. Well, that day, I made what turned out to be Persimmon/Pumpkin bread. #1 Son labeled it Persumpkin bread.? Clever, Right? Anyway, the bread … Continue reading

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Another Week has come and gone

This week started rather slowly.? The Principal of our school, AKA “Daddy” was home for the day, so it made school almost impossible. We unschooled that day. 😀 We had fun with our Art Study.? We’re finishing up our study … Continue reading

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Homeschoolers do PE?

After reading Barb’s motivating post about how she implemented PE into the homeschooling schedule, I set out on a search to find something we could do! I found this –!! Hoorah!? I’m so excited.? This is awesome! This is … Continue reading

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