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Apple Nature Study

So, this week, we, following the Autumn 2010 OHC, learned a little about apples. “The Principal” joyfully picked up a few different varieties of apples for us to review. We ended up with Granny Smith, Gala, Johnny Appleseed, Golden Delicious … Continue reading

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They call me… MRS. CLEAN!

I have been quite busy as of late. I’ve been teaching Eco-Friendly classes at our local library for the past few months, and, at the last class, a photographer from the local paper showed up and snapped photos. A few … Continue reading

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Where have we been??

If you were a regular reader, you’ll notice that it’s been over 4 months since my last post. Well, there’s a reason – actually, quite a few reasons! We had our C.O. visit back in March, and that was also … Continue reading

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Looking to rearrange the schedule… again!

Well, we’ve slowly gotten back into the swing of things, but 4 dental appointments in one week does not hold out much success for school! Yesterday, Face asked a question that I couldn’t answer right away… “Why don’t we do … Continue reading

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Is it really art?

For the month of December, I decided to allow the kids to do ‘Paint by Numbers’. They each chose their own picture to do, and were really excited to start. My son ended up painting TWO because he enjoyed it … Continue reading

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Quick Dinner Recipe

I just wanted to share this recipe with all my busy mom friends here! World’s Easiest Taco Soup Recipe It took less than 20 minutes! If you are pressed for time to cook dinner (or just don’t have that “oh, … Continue reading

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