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It's Fall, Y'all!

I didn’t get to post last week.? We were a wee bit busy, but we had a good week. I’m glad to say, that after countless attempts to track down the elusive cattail, we found them!? Of course, after we … Continue reading

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This week, so far…

This week was a 1/2 day school week.? We have a two-day assembly this weekend, and I always like to sew new things for the girls and I to wear.? I made myself a skirt and shirt (that’s a first … Continue reading

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Another Week bites the dust!

Hey – get your hands in the air – Queen is rockin’! Tee hee, ok, so it was totally pun-y, but I think I got the message across!? Week 5 is now over.? We had an interesting week, to say … Continue reading

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Is it Twaddle?

Twaddle.? That’s a fun word to say. Twahhhhh dulll! Ok, I think I’m ok, now.? Anyway, I have a question about twaddle (giggle). I know there are some books that wreak Twaddle without having to give too much thought to … Continue reading

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