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Well, for starters, I’ve added a new category – Sewing!

Yup, yup, this crocheter sews, too!? Well, let me rephrase –

I have owned a sewing machine for 17 years.? In that 17 years, the most sewing I’ve done to date, was cloth diapers.? I sewed diapers for 3 years.? I never had proper instruction, so most of what I’ve made, (excluding the diapers – those were AWESOME, if I do say so myself!) was self-taught.

About a year ago, I made friends with someone who’s just like me – only, she knows how to sew!? She offered to teach me? some tricks.? I took that to mean, “Hey – your kids are cute but their dresses look homely – you really need help if you don’t want folks to laugh at them!” I wasn’t ashamed.? I do want to learn how to really sew.? I want people to look at my stuff and say, “Where did you get that?” instead of, “You made that, didn’t you?” I never know how to take that. (raise eyebrow)

I didn’t know what seam allowance really meant, nor did I know that IRONING is an essential part of sewing.? I didn’t know that some threads shouldn’t be use in a sewing machine.? In a single weekend, I learned that…
and the very next project I touched was simply gorgeous!? It looked so… “Boutique” :-D? I was so happy, I almost cried.
It amazes me how much better I sew with instruction.

So, anyway – all that yawn stuff was to say, that, I will now be adding my sewing projects to my blog, as well as crochet related things, and a few ramblings.

And if you’re not careful, you just might learn a thing or two. – Bill Cosby

your thoughts?