Apple Nature Study

So, this week, we, following the Autumn 2010 OHC, learned a little about apples.

“The Principal” joyfully picked up a few different varieties of apples for us to review.

We ended up with Granny Smith, Gala, Johnny Appleseed, Golden Delicious and Johnna Gold.

We observed the different shapes and colors, and even the smells that each had.

After we cut them open, we compared seeds. Then, the fun part – Tasting!


After all the tasting had been done, I put the cut apples into the food processor (oh, I don’t recommend anyone doing this – I’m not very kitchen-friendly, so I had no clue what I was doing!) in an attempt to make them applicable size for pie.

They came out like slivers, or stringed apples. We used them anyway!

I found a recipe for a pie involving 2 crusts, but I only had one, so we improvised and used two different recipes: One for the filling, and one for the topping (apple crumb topping!)

The crew seemed to really enjoy the project and the resulting pie. Me? I didn’t eat it. I couldn’t get past the stringy apple filling!

Looking forward to next week’s challenge!

Our Bible study has been quite interesting – first, we started off listening to an article entitled, “Did the people in the Bible really live so long?” – how interesting it was to hear how many scientists think that the YEARS that they lived were actually MONTHS!
We’ve been studying a booklet about the Bible – this week, we were discussing the reason for Jesus coming to earth, the miracles he performed while was on the earth – I’m loving seeing the girls really grasp the meaning of the information, as well as the scriptural backing!

Monday started on a low note, as I wasn’t feeling well. So, we cuddled on the couch and watched “Cable in the Classroom” – How the States got their shapes. Quite an interesting little bit packed with trivia! Anyway, while we were on the couch, I reached for my crochet (it’s what I do when I watch TV), and the girls grabbed their crochet!
By the time the show was over, we had each finished crocheting a dishcloth! I was shocked! That was their first quick finish project – EVER – and they didn’t need me to TELL them to do it!

So proud of my girlies!




We’re using Your Business from for math – I have managed to break down the lessons, so they will last us a few years! Flower Picker is running a Book Store, and Face is running a Pet Store. They’re loving it so far! They’ve been honing their addition and subtraction skills, exercising their newly learned “multiplication” skills, and have both decided they HATE paying bills! This is a really great Math option – it’s real life math, so it’s very easy, as the teacher, to understand how to explain it!

I’ve been reading aloud Literature to them again this year.
We’re reading Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children by Edith Nesbit. So far, we’ve read 6 stories. I am enjoying Shakespeare for the first time in a long time! We’ve quickly realized the theme that runs through all of the stories – unrequited love, girls love to disguise themselves as girls, and people committing suicide.

We’re also reading Mary Frances: Adventures Among the Kitchen People.
This story is absolutely adorable! The kitchen utensils have wonderful personalities, and senses of humor. While we read, the girls copy down recipes, so at the end, they’ll have their own little cookbooks. There are other books in the Mary Frances series, so I’m planning to get a few more: Mary Frances Sewing Book, Mary Frances Housekeeper – and we already have Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book.

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