And so it goes…

I finished (gave up on) my knitted, uh, piece.? The bag didn’t come out right at all! 😥
I just don’t get it, yanno.? Well, I do, but..

After feeling somewhat confident in my new found knit skills, I was eager to show off to my Crochet/Knit group.? Well, come to find out, I knit backwards!
Not in the English vs. Continental way, but BACKWARDS!? I insert the needle into the BACK loop to knit and purl!? My finished product looks correct, since I am apparently twisting and untwisting each row, tho.

Anyway, the bag just isn’t great.? It’s not even good.? It’s too stretchy to hold anything with any amount of support.? So – I’m going to crochet my daughter a bag to replace the knitted one.

The other one I had crocheted (I was hoping to knit one and crochet one at the same time, just to challenge myself: I finished the crochet bag before I could even get 1/2 way through the knitted one).

In crocheting news:? I’ve finished one top for my youngest DD – it’s so cute, and she loves it!? I’m 96% complete with a 2nd top, and next I’ll be starting one of my oldest DD.? I’ll post pics tomorrow, when I can see straight!

I’m itching to make an afghan!? I dunno why – I know that I’m spending Spring stash busting, and an afghan is the PERFECT stash buster, right?

Who knows, maybe I’ll end up making some gifts while I’m at it!

Anyone else wanna have a Stash-bustin’ Spring with me?!!

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I'm a wife and mommy with varied interests. I am self-employed as a Handcrafted Soap Artisan. I home school my two youngest children, who help me save big with coupons! I enjoy crocheting, sewing, woodworking and many other crafts.
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