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Today was spelling test day.

Normally, it’s a breeze for my 5 year old, and a challenge for my 6 year old.
Oh, and they don’t have their Language Arts or Math together – I fear unhealthy competition would brew.

As usual, my 5 year old did well.

My 6 year old sat down, looked over her words, and quickly wrote her name on her paper, and was ready
to start.

I took my time calling out the words to her, and she took her time writing, erasing, re-writing, closing her eyes and fingerspelling out the words before settling on a correct spelling.

Ten words later, she exhaled.
I tried not to peek as she checked her test.

After each correct word, she put a check mark.

#8… check; #9… check; #10… check.


I looked over at her, and she looked like she was going to POP!? She got up and ran into my arms and proclaimed, “Mommy!!? I got ’em all right!? I got an A+!!? I can’t believe it!”

I was so proud of her!? I think I teared up a bit at how proud of herself she was.

4 thoughts on “A proud Mommy moment!

  1. That was great to read! I think I almost teared up reading about your joy. It is one of the best feelings in the world when you know that you have helped your child with an accomplishment. Cherish that moment…:)

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