A proud Mommy moment!

Today was spelling test day.

Normally, it’s a breeze for my 5 year old, and a challenge for my 6 year old.
Oh, and they don’t have their Language Arts or Math together – I fear unhealthy competition would brew.

As usual, my 5 year old did well.

My 6 year old sat down, looked over her words, and quickly wrote her name on her paper, and was ready
to start.

I took my time calling out the words to her, and she took her time writing, erasing, re-writing, closing her eyes and fingerspelling out the words before settling on a correct spelling.

Ten words later, she exhaled.
I tried not to peek as she checked her test.

After each correct word, she put a check mark.

#8… check; #9… check; #10… check.


I looked over at her, and she looked like she was going to POP!? She got up and ran into my arms and proclaimed, “Mommy!!? I got ’em all right!? I got an A+!!? I can’t believe it!”

I was so proud of her!? I think I teared up a bit at how proud of herself she was.

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