A Dirty Mind Indeed!

Well, I think it’s safe to say that all thoughts have been on gardening!
My last post was about using toilet paper holders as seed pots, (and I still may use some), but I have way more newspaper than TP holders, so I may have to go with this idea.

We have two 8’x8′ garden spaces in our backyard.? I really love the idea of squarefoot gardening, and will continue that way this year.

I’m really interested in vertical gardening.? Since we’re going to have so many vining plants, I think it’ll be a necessity!? I want to get some trellis netting and attach it to the posts that we have already in the garden… perhaps I can put all the vining plants against one edge of the garden.

Man, my mind is running a million miles a minute!
Oh, how I do love Spring!

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