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Nature Walk and Star Trek

Yesterday, the kids went on a field trip with their daddy to a Pond.? I was battling a headache, and wasn’t able to accompany. There wasn’t much to see, according to all in attendance, so it turned out to not … Continue reading

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Some long over due photos!

We took a trip to our local zoo for the first time this past April. I was so shocked! It was so much more than I ever imagined.? We spent 3 hours there, and I think we missed some exhibits. … Continue reading

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Is it Twaddle?

Twaddle.? That’s a fun word to say. Twahhhhh dulll! Ok, I think I’m ok, now.? Anyway, I have a question about twaddle (giggle). I know there are some books that wreak Twaddle without having to give too much thought to … Continue reading

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Thank you, Mister Whats-his-face!

The girls and I have been enjoying a cute little story about some critters, (yeah, I said critters! I live in the south, so it’s allowed when describing one or more of a variety of anything. smile) – anyway – … Continue reading

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