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Another week down!

Yay – such a feeling of accomplishment! I have photos to share.? I was able to find another ‘bug in a t-shirt’, so I snapped his photo! I was told that he’s a Texas Cricket, but, as I mentioned before, … Continue reading

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"High Five" from a Public School Teacher

I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this before, but here it is now. One day, during the summer break, the girls and I were in the “Mommy Store” – aka The Dollar Tree.? I love this store!!!? I have purchased … Continue reading

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Sometimes I feel like somebody's watchin' me!

Since Martha was able to identify our mystery architects, I was hoping to explore crawfish a bit more. Quickly, my brain started stirring up ways to extend this study, so I had planned on having the kiddies draw the mud … Continue reading

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Following Up

So, as a follow up from yesterday’s post, I have photos! Of course, I missed the baby lizard and the cricket wearing a shirt, but I did get some shots of the strange mud buildings. and our strange looking watermelon: … Continue reading

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We went on our Nature Walk today.? I didn’t have a ‘challenge’ in mind, per se, but I did see something that I wanted to investigate. So, we went outside and across the street to our neighbor’s back yard.? They … Continue reading

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First Week – DONE!

So, with the strike of 3:00 on my German Grandfather Clock, comes the close of our first week of school! All-in-all, it went well!? With the addition of Nature Study, Picture Study, Music Study and ASL, I was a bit … Continue reading

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