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Crochet is NOT a hobby!

It’s a skill! I was watching an old episode of Knit & Crochet Today and there was an interview with Nikki Epstein.? She made the comment, “Knitting isn’t a hobby; it’s a skill!” That rang bells for me.? It’s true.? … Continue reading

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The coolest idea ever!!

Loitering online -that’s what I call “surfing”.? Surfing requires some sort of skill or strategy – loitering is clearly just hangin out somewhere with no real purpose, and that’s how I internet. Anyway, as I was loitering, I stumbled onto … Continue reading

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How many sisters does it take…

to make a dress? 3! One to send beautiful fabric One to teach how to read and follow a sewing pattern and one to follow instruction, and sew the dress! Here’s the product of the 3 sisters’ labor: I am … Continue reading

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The Great Sunflower Project

I had signed up for this project back in April, and thought I’d missed the chance to participate this year, but my seeds arrived today! Enclosed were some instructions and a data sheet to keep up with how many bees … Continue reading

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Stone Soup, Anyone?

A friend of mine, who works at our local library, is reading the book, Stone Soup, to a group of small children. She said she?d love to have props on hand as she read the story, so my son and … Continue reading

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