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Puttering Along

I’ve been working on a few things at once lately. I’ve started my Banana Bay top, which I’m loving! I’m also working on a cute tank top for my oldest DD. I’ve used the pattern before, but this time, I’m … Continue reading

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Drip IrriTation System!

So, this week was supposed to be the “We’ve installed it, it’s going well, and our plants are in the ground” post. *Sigh* Not quite!? First off, I’ve made FOUR trips to Lowe’s, trying to get all the needed materials … Continue reading

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Getting ready…

This year, the King of the Posse and I decided to build a drip irrigation system for the vegetable garden! Yay!!!? I found the instructions here, and I just couldn’t contain my excitement. The Posse and I went off to … Continue reading

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On the Watch Wednesday!

Today for WW, we read the article in the March Awake about the Endangered Species. It’s found on page 16. It was a really nice discussion, because the girls asked questions like “What is endangered?” “What does extinct mean?” and … Continue reading

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Nature Walk Monday!

Today, we kicked started our Outdoor Hour with a Nature Walk. I want to start off by saying, taking a nature walk with 3 loud children is, well, challenging!? We couldn’t sneak up on any woodland critter, or passing flutterby… … Continue reading

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It's making a weird noise when I …

*sigh* You know, when your car starts making a noise that you can’t identify with a word – you actually have to sound it out… yanno, like, “It’s making a “Swigga Swigga Clink Clink” noise when I turn the blinker … Continue reading

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