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It's WW!

I’m so excited to kick off the first official WW! After receiving my first comment to the post about Watchtower Wednesday, I realized (QUICKLY) that that may be too restrictive.? To only use Watchtower magazines?? When the Awake! magazine is … Continue reading

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On the Watch Wednesdays!

Ok, so I’m looking for a bit of a ‘pick-me-up’. I’m a crocheter, and I’ve seen TONS of blogs that have things to get others involved: Dishcloth Tuesday, Filet Fridays, Scarf Sunday, etc. What I’m proposing – every Wednesday, we … Continue reading

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Do you believe in love…?

Huey Lewis is stuck in my head now! Anyway, I believe I have fallen in love. Or at least in DEEP affection for an awesome resource that I just found today! It’s everything a homeschooling mom could dream of (if … Continue reading

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Food Pyramid lesson plan

I decided to write up what we did, (and what YOU can do), as a lesson on The Food Pyramid. Vocabulary nutrition calories vitamins healthy food pyramid fruits vegetables grain meat/protein dairy Name the 5 food groups – Each group … Continue reading

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The Food Pyramid

It’s been a short while since I’ve posted our progress, so I figured I’d share today. We’re learning about the Food Pyramid, and how you should have a food from EACH group with EACH meal. This is, I hope, a … Continue reading

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Another Creation

Today, the girls and I decided to take on a task – to read and review stories from MBBS. Since they would be reading independently (one story per session – I wasn’t expecting them to read the whole book… or … Continue reading

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