Week 3: Ancient Egypt

We are learning World History this year. I put together a curriculum using a Bible Encyclopedia and the internet. Our curriculum will include: Egypt Assyria Babylon Medo-Persia Greece Rome England America It may not be a traditional approach, but it's not unfamiliar to me. … Continue reading

Home’s Cool!!

Homeschooling is really cool. I mean, having your Mom as a teacher is better than having someone teach you because they get paid for it. Plus, you only have three hour school days instead of seven or eight. You get to choose what to read, you don't have to wake up early at all, and you … Continue reading

Ease on Down…

Well, this is our in-between week. We're slowly starting this week, since Daddy went back to work this week. But, we have our annual convention this weekend, so we'll be taking a break due to that. Today, the girls and I discussed what to expect for the year. They're really looking forward to both … Continue reading

Putting it all together

Well, a new year is lurking on the horizon, and I'm in the middle of getting curriculum 2011 underway. This year feels different already, given the fact that it's the first time in 4 years that I'm only creating curriculum for two. *Sniff* #1 son is now graduated, working, and a full-time … Continue reading

Checking in

So... We've been quite busy lately! School is going wonderfully. Number one son is now finished with high school and now working on completing his bookkeeping course. He's also looking for a part time job, so he can begin pioneering! So excited that he's trying to work his plan! The girls gave … Continue reading