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I’m ok with admitting that I am a fan of Michael Jackson’s music.

The first album (yes, vinyl), I ever purchased was “Thriller”.? I played it over and over and over! Michael Jackson music littered my ‘coming of age’ years. My best friend was music!? I knew all the words to every 1980s song – every singer.? I was… obsessed.? I lived for MTv – yanno, when they were just getting started, and actually played music videos!? I recorded the Thriller video.

At that time, I wasn’t really familiar with Micheal Jackson’s spiritual status, and I think I enjoyed the niaveness – is that word? Should be.

Anyway, I’m very sad that a beautiful voice is silenced. An awesome talent is no more.

OK- on to the Great Witness Part…

Today, while watching the news, they were talking about the memorial tribute that they’re planning at the Staples Center.? The camera panned to show many fans in line, awaiting news whether they won tickets to attend the service.? The camera then paused on this:

Paradise - John 5:28,29
Click for larger image.

I had to snap a picture of this!? I taped it and played it over and over again – I was so impressed.? This aired on the ABC News tonight!

I also wonder – is the cameraman a Witness?? What are the odds that whoever hung that seemingly humble sign would know it’d be seen by millions?!

That was the highlight of this whole Michael Jackson news craze!

your thoughts?