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I just reread over my last 2 posts, and realized I never made mention of square #10!

Well, y’all are in for a treat, because not only is #10 finished, so are 11 & 12! Yay!!!!!!

I took a pic of the layout w/ all 12 squares and I’ve started piecing them together. I’m not sure I’m loving the look, tho 😥

Well, here’s the layout pic-
click for larger pic

I’m piecing and bordering this in RH Claret. So far the colors look amazing against the Claret (except the #12 square – DS is a Harry Potter fan, so Gryffindor colors were a MUST!)
I’m attaching them together using sc, but I’m just not liking the look.
I want them to lay down, but this is causing an almost pucker effect 🙁

I’ll snap a pic of them pieced together to share, and maybe get some ideas/suggestions!

your thoughts?