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After posting to my friends on a crochet list, I was determined to delve into the mysteries of this thing called “WhipStitch”.

I always assumed it was just a term that crocheters use for sewing with yarn. Well, kinda. What I found, after googling ‘crochet whipstitch’ was that you can whipstitch,(from here on out, it will be referred to as WS), in both loops, or just the backloops.
Now, that being said, I thought back to the night before when I began the process of piecing, ahem, joining the squares. I think I was WS-ing too tightly, because it created a pucker, and I was NOT happy!
Well, I ran off to apply my newly aquired knowledge of WS, and did it in just the backloops! Wow, I love the look!
It’s absolutely gorgeous. No pucker, *and* it makes each square stand out a bit. You almost can’t see the Claret color yarn I used.
I was kinda wanting it to show a bit, so that it would coordinate well when I use it as a border color.

I’m thinking on the edging now. It must be masculine. I may do the Claret, Taupe, and a Sage green… I just want it masculine, so that DH will reach for this ghan every chance he gets! 😉

Did I mention that I’m now *9* weeks ahead of my goal?!!!!

your thoughts?