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I’ve been away, but not for any reason other than I had to tend to sick people! My DH and both my daughters were down with something for most of this past week!

E was diagnosed with tonsillitis and drainage (whatever that means), and R had drainage, too. That was trading off with fevers every other day! DH, on the other hand, I think he had the full-out flu! He isn’t one to miss work unless an appendage was hanging off, and he was told by medical professionals to stay home. He missed 3 days of work! He actually forced himself to go in on that 4th day, and was only feeling better today after work.

The girls are getting better, but still, traces of their sickness still looms. I’ve gotten a little bit of everything, so I’m miserable, but not so much that I’m allowed any sympathy (insert ‘awww’ sound here).

On the crochet front – I made myself another pair of slippers!


I just love these slippers!

I based them off Abi’s Slipper Pattern, but mine, with the alterations, are different. I wear a size 8.5 – 9 wide, so alterations were a must!? I know I’ve blogged about this before, but this time, I’m going to post my tweaks.

Jackie’s Abi Slipper Pattern
1 strand of Wool-ease chunky or 2 strands of Wool-ease worsted.
K hook (I used Bamboo)
Make 2 (unless you only need one slipper, but I have found that both of my feet tend to get cold at the same time!) :rofl:


1) chain 3, 9 HDC in 3 chain from hook. (10)

2) 2 HDC in each HDC around, join. ch 2, turn.(20)

3) HDC in next HDC, 2 HDC in next HDC. *HDC in next two HDC, 2 HDC in next HDC. Repeat around. ch2, turn (30)

4) HDC in each HDC around; ch2, turn. (30)

5) Repeat row 4 to length. You want to crochet enough rows to cover almost all of your instep. I did row 4 twelve times to get the right length.

6) HDC in each of the next 24 HDC. Ch 2, turn (leave the remaining 6 stitches unworked)

7) Repeat row 6 to length of heel. (I tried the slipper on a few times to make sure it would be a snug fit) For me, I did row 6, seven times to get the correct length.

8) Do not ch 2 after the last set of row 6. Ch 1, and turn piece sideways. You’re going to me working along what will be the cuff around the top of your foot.
Work SC in each space along the side of the slipper.
Once you get to the end of the slipper, end yarn, leaving approximately a 10″ tail to sew slipper together.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a pattern down, so if you get stuck or I made a mistake, please let me know! :blush:

I’m happy to announce that my expectant friend just found out what she’s having –

It’s a GIRL!!! :yay:

Know what that means? Yup, crochet-a-polooza! I’ve already printed off 2 patterns to make for baby Job-eesha (no, that’s not her real name, it’s an inside joke!)

Anyhoo – I’m getting ready to start this Baby Girl Sleeper Set. I’m going to make it in a periwinkle color, since my friend doesn’t like pink.

The other thing I’m considering is the Baby It’s Cold Outside sweater. There’s a ton of buzz about it over at Crochetville, as there should be. I love the idea of making clothing items in one piece! Awesome feature. It makes it seem more doable to me!
I’d like to try it for baby first, and then see how I like it. Because, I mean, how could I not make one for my girlies for next fall. I say next because, well, it may take that long!

I picked up my knitting needles again – nope, nothing to show for it, but I did pick them up. I’m happy about that! I’m planning out my first real knitting project:
A Cabbage Patch Sweater!

Yeah – I mean it! I’m serious – stop laughing!
I’m a Cabbage Patch collector, and my daughters each have, well, some, so it’s practical. The pattern seems to be easy enough, so, what the hay?
Well, we’ll see. Once I get started, I’ll add a knit watch graph on the side.

Welp, it’s late – think I’ll make another cup of tea, read my scrapbook magazine, and crochet for a bit.

your thoughts?