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doing what Jackie does

I just got a phone call from my cousin. The yarn’s coming!!! Remember, the 71 skeins of yarn she scored for me on her freecycle group?!!!


You bet I’ll be posting pics… after I remove the drool! 😉

I’m almost finished with my Aunt V’s shawl. I’m making hers in the same pattern as my grandmother’s shawl, but I’m using Williamsburg Homespun. I got these on clearance.
I cannot believe how well shawls work for stash busting! 😀
It’s been 4 days since my last yarn purchase. 😥

I wonder if I can put myself on a yarn diet. I’ve already decided not to attempt to purchase yarn for the afghans that I plan to make… until the freecycle yarn arrives!
I’m hoping it has all the colors I’m seeing in my head for the ghans.

Yeah, I’m talking crazy talk. :rofl:

your thoughts?