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Ok, I read this description alot. Often times preceded by “I’m not a…”

So, I’ve been thinking about this term/classification for a while now, and yanno what? I really am NOT a Yarn Snob!

When I first started crocheting, all I could get my parents to buy me was acrylic (some funky golden color, at that – I think they must’ve bought a bunch at a yard sale or something!)
Anyway, acrylic (Red Heart WW) was all I really knew as far as yarn. Then, our local Ben Franklin was going out of business, and I had about $10 of my own money. I bought this “neat” yarn for like .25 skein. I didn’t know what it was called back then (LB Jiffy 😉 ), and didn’t care. I just knew I could get a bunch of it cheap! I didn’t know how to read patterns back then, and thought I could make whole afghans with one skein of any yarn! (insert that DUH icon now, LOL)

So, fast forward a couple 20 years – I was finally starting to read patterns! But still, me and Red Heart were like this! There wasn’t anything wrong with it.
Somehow, I started noticing all these yarns around my Old Faithful Red Heart. Wow – soft… pretty colors… SOFT… Pretty (Homer Simpson voice, please!)
But – more what caught my attention more so – the price!
Gosh – $3, $4, $5+ for one skein?!!! Surely that’s a misprint… right?! Well, ok, I’ll just get this one skein and I’ll be ok. I can make… Something…

To attempt to shorten this story, I came to realize that the so-called yarn snobs weren’t crocheters. They were knitters!! (hiss, boo! lol) Why were/are knitters about using major fru-fru yarns? Why did/do they feel they’re too good for good ol’ MainStays acrylic (yeah, I admit – I had to start dividing my cash, er, stash between MainStays and Red Heart – still much love, tho 😉 ).
Knitting doesn’t require as much yarn for any said project as crocheting does, so their yarn goes further, meaning their money goes further. Not too shabby in that way of thinking. But, at the same time, imagine how far their $ would stretch if they used acrylics!! 😀

I’ve splurged and purchased some of the fru-fru yarns (on sale, clearance or with a coupon ONLY!!) I’m an acrylic girl, and I’m ok with that!

DH doesn’t care much for my hobbies (he likes that I like them, but couldn’t tell a skein from a hank!)

The most expensive yarn that I’ve paid full price for is Fisherman’s Wool. I went through a “I wanna dye yarn with kool-aide” phase and it was affordable (then, Michael’s stopped carrying it and marked it way down and I went NUTS!)
I have started weaning off Mainstays and Red Heart and have fallen DEEPLY in love with Caron’s Simply Soft!

I’m not knocking Yarn Snobs. You know who you are. Be proud of that. Me? I’m not a yarn snob. I can’t afford to be.

2 thoughts on “Yarn Snob

  1. I happened across your name on another blog and thought I would peek. You are so true about the yarn. I love my red heart and all. I did however just buy my daughter, now dont pass out, a $9.00 thing of yarn for her purse that she is making. Well at least I wont do that too often. I agree knitters dont need as much as crocheters do.

  2. BRAVO!!! Well said. Its NOT crocheters, its KNITTERS. and they’re the ones who constantly insinuate (on forums and in blog land) that our projects are not as good or (as one put it) are “mediocre” if made in acrylic or lower end yarn. Yarn snobs, get a life!

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